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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Eureka.House’s terms and conditions – explained in clear and simple language!

  • Eureka.House does not represent Sellers or Buyerss. The company and its website are not a real-estate agency.

  • The website and all its content are protected by copyright.
    • The rights to the text and photos in each property listing belong to the owner of the property for sale. By publishing your listing on Eureka.House, you authorize Eureka.House to use these texts and photos.
    • The rights to other texts, photos, computer codes or other elements of the website belong to Eureka.House

  • The information and documents are provided for reference purposes only and may not apply to your particular situation. Eureka.House declines all responsibility regarding their accuracy, integrity and relevance, and advises Buyerss and Sellers to consult a lawyer or a notary.
    • Eureka.House does not verify the information contained in listings of properties for sale. Sellers are responsible for the accuracy, integrity and relevance of this information.

  • Properties for sale by real estate agents cannot be posted on Eureka.House. If you decide to hire a real-estate agent to sell your property, you must remove your listing from the Eureka.House website.

  • By using Eureka.House, you acknowledge that:
    • The applicable laws are those of the Province of Quebec.
    • Any litigation shall be under the jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Longueuil, in the Province of Quebec.

  • Eureka.House reserves the right to remove any property listing, without refund, if a listing contains any information that is false, in bad taste, inappropriate, or does not respect the terms and conditions.

  • Eureka.House protects your privacy. Your personal information will not be transmitted to a third party (nor sold, leased, exchanged or given).

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