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3. Take professional-looking photos

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1. Use as much natural light as possible

When taking photos inside your property, use as much daylight as possible. Good natural lighting makes rooms appear larger, whereas darker photos give the opposite effect. For best results, take your photos on a sunny day, when your property gets the most sunlight, which is either before noon or mid-afternoon. If the weather is cloudy, then it’s best to postpone the photo shoot rather than take photos that don’t show your home at its very best.

Some more tips to light up your property:

  • Open all blinds and curtains
  • Turn on all ceiling lights and lamps
  • Addtwo or three lamps inside a dark room


2. Do a thorough clean-up

Your property should be impeccably clean when you do your photo shoot. This means that floors should be free of stains and dust, so they look newer and flawless, giving the impression that your property is worth the asking price.


3. Remove everything that can be moved

The toaster on the counter, boots in the entrance, magazines on the coffee table: put away these items before taking photos. You can even remove several pieces of furniture—even all your furniture—if possible.

A cluttered room produces the same effect as a dark room: it looks smaller.


4. Put away all personal items

Buyers want to picture themselves living in your home. If you leave your personal items lying around, then they will think your place is less “suited for them”.

So do some home staging and put away all your personal effects: trip photos on your refrigerator, trinkets, anything hanging on walls, etc.

Minimization is key!


5. Shoot from different angles

Most buyers like photos of entire rooms, so shoot from different angles that display most of the room and its best features. The entrance of a room is not always the best angle to shoot from. You can get better shots from a corner.

Positioning the camera as far back as possible will make a room look larger. Many photographers position the camera against a wall to get the widest angle.

Wide-angle lenses can also make rooms look larger.


6. Photograph anything that adds value

Always take pictures of anything that adds value to your property.

Do you have a working fireplace? Light a fire and take a head-on shot of it to show the warmth it can give on winter nights (this is one exception where photos can be taken with less light).


7. Photograph (almost) everything.

CUnlike other web sites, Eureka.House allows you to post as many photos as you like. So take advantage!

Photograph all the rooms, balconies, exterior front and side views, and the backyard.

Why take so many photos? If you say that you have three bedrooms but only photograph two, what will the majority of potential buyers think? That the third room is not nice enough to display? Even if the third room isn’t all that interesting, it’s better to display it. Take photos that will add value to this room while minimizing its flaws. A very small room can be transformed into an intimate, peaceful reading room for example.

Don’t forget to include photos of your neighbourhood. Is your property around the corner from a popular cheese shop? Take a photo of it, add it to your listing, and write that it’s “around the corner”.

There are some things you don’t need to photograph, such as closets. Potential buyers will check them out during their visit, but don’t expect to see photos of them on your listing.

If you post many photos, identify them by specifying the name of each room.


8. Account for seasons

Let’s say you put your property on the market in late fall and there is already snow on your lawn. However, you only posted photos that you took in summer. What will potential buyers think?

Your photos should be very recent. However, it’s okay to post several summer photos, so that buyers can see how your property looks in a warmer season.


9. Take many photos and select the best

Take many photos of each room and from different angles. After you’re done photographing, select the photos that really make your property stand out.

Show the photos to your friends and family to get their opinion. They’ll see your property from a different view, similar to that of buyers’.

Your next step : Advertise your home for sale.

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