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The Eureka.House method

10 steps to sell without an agent

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10 easy steps to help me to sell my home without commission

Here is how the Eureka.House method works:

1. Fully complete your property listing

Your detailed property listing is the first thing that will attract buyers. Our coaches will help you order to avoid errors that could put off buyers.

2. Determine a fair selling price

Most home owners tend to overprice their properties compared to their real market value, so they can make the most profit from the final sale. Find out why this IS NOT a good strategy and learn how to determine your property’s asking price.

4. Advertise your property for sale

You have completed your listing and you’re ready to submit it? Learn how to advertise your property.

5. Get buyers to visit your property

When buyers show interest, get them to visit your property. A good strategy is to host an open house.

6. Get visitor feedback

Not all buyers will be interested in your home − that’s normal. By getting visitors’ feedback you can adjust how you present your property to sell it faster − and for a better price. Eureka.House coaches show you how.

7. Negotiate with the buyer

By following our advice on how to negotiate with buyers, you can avoid major pitfalls and quickly get an offer that appeals to you.

8. Participate in the inspection and meet the conditions of sale

An accepted offer includesa property inspection as a condition of sale. This is undertaken by the buyer, who can cancel the sale if the inspection is unsatisfactory. Learn to prepare for the inspection of your property and how to meet other conditions of sale.

9. Prepare for the meeting with the notary

This step is mandatory and usually goes very well. However, it’s still best to be prepared. Read up on the best way to prepare for the notary meeting.

10. Prepare for occupancy

This is the final step: you’ve sold your property and are ready for the buyer to take possession. Read our coaches’ advice on how to prepare for occupancy.

Download our checklist for sellers and other documents for sellers

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