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5. Do visit your property

home sweet home

A buyer has decided to visit your home. This initial visit is the most decisive moment in the sale of your property.

Your home probably isn’t the only one that meets a buyer’s criteria. You are competing with other owners who also want to sell their homes for the best possible price and just as quickly.

The goal here is to make buyers feel at home—as if they’re living in it—in order to entice them to buy.

How do you do this?

  1. Fix anything that could put off buyers
  2. Put up your Eureka.House“For Sale” sign
  3. Schedule visits during daytime
  4. Do a thorough clean-up
  5. Put away all personal items
  6. Get pets out of the house
  7. Prep your place
  8. Facilitate visits
  9. Thank visitors


1. Fix anything that could put off buyers

Is your lawn well maintained and the grass cut? Has all the snow been removed? This is your last chance to change that burnt-out lightbulb or repaint areas that need retouching.

If you don’t sort out all these little details, it could deter buyers and make them think your property is worth less.


2. Put up your Eureka.House “For Sale” sign

Put up your Eureka.House“ For Sale” sign in an area where it is clearly visible from the road. Your sign will help visitors find your property.

If getting to your home is complicated, give your potential buyer very clear directions with reference points. For example, “7.3 kilometres after the traffic light, there’s a park on the right. The home is located right in front of the park entrance.”

Buyers will arrive at your home in a better mood if they can find it easily.


3. Schedule visits during daytime

Never schedule visits at night, after the sun sets. It’s too dark at that time. Your rooms will appear smaller and your home less inviting.

If you want to impress your visitors, have them visit during the day.


4. Do a thorough clean-up

Your home should be as impeccable as when you took photos. Buyers subconsciously think that an impeccably clean home is worth more than a messy home with dusty furniture and stains on the floor.

Take the time to do a proper clean-up.


5. Put away all personal items

Potential buyers should be able to see themselves living in your property. Any objects reminding visitors that someone else lives there can be distracting.

Put away all photos, trinkets and other personal decorations. Remove boots and shoes from the entrance. Put away kitchen counter appliances and personal hygiene items in the bathroom.

Also hide all valuable possessions during visits. It’s rare for buyers to steal during visits, but better safe than sorry.


6. Get pets out of the house

No matter how much you love your cat or dog, your pet will never belong to a potential owner. Leaving pets at home during visits is just another personal aspect that buyers might not be unable to relate to.

Also keep in mind that some people are afraid of certain animals.

If your pets are around during visits, potential buyers might think they’ll have to clean up before they move in. You don’t want to give buyers this impression when they visit.

So get all your pets out of the house!


7. Prep your place

An hour before visits, open the windows and air out your home.

Open all curtains and blinds. Maximize the amount of natural light.

Is a room still too dark? Illuminate it with a ceiling light or a lamp.

Whatever you do, don’t bake a cake. This trick doesn’t work anymore. Visitors might even think you’re trying to cover up an unpleasant odour.


8. Facilitate visits

Buyers like to move about freely when visiting properties. They decide the order in which they will visit your home, which rooms they want to see first. Accompany them and answer their questions, but give them space and let them look around at their leisure.

Don’t play “tour guide” by describing every little detail about each room. Don’t talk too much, unless it’s something the buyer can’t see and needs to be mentioned. For example, “The basement is very well soundproofed; you can watch a movie and no one upstairs will hear it.” Even better, demonstrate this to your visitor.

Keep a copy of the property listing with you to help you answer any questions.

Open-houses work differently. See our page: Organize an open house.


9. Thank visitors

Before visitors leave, make sure you’ve answered all their questions. Tell them you will contact them soon.

If visitors tell you that they do not like your property, ask them for some feedback..

Thank visitors for coming, whether they’re satisfied or not. Always be polite and courteous. Poor behaviour never helped anyone sell a property– and it won’t sell yours either!

Your next step : Get feedback from visitors.

See also: Organize an open house.

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