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Selling your property

1. Complete your property description in detail

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Buyers reading your property description will ask themselves the same question: “Should I visit this home?” Eureka.Maison coaches help you convince them:

  1. Answer all questions
  2. Publish accurate information
  3. Write a sales-like, honest description


1. Answer all questions

Before visiting properties, buyers will scan dozens of listings and select the ones that best meet their criteria. They will then visit several properties, hoping to find the one they will fall in love with. If you do not complete a detailed listing, you could be omitting information that is important to buyers. In this case, buyers might simply ignore your listing and move on to the next. If you do not answer all listing questions, buyers might even think you’re trying to hide something.

  • Answer as many questions as you can
  • Make sure to answer the most important questions.


2. Publish accurate information

Selling a property is about obtaining buyers’ trust. Only you know your property best and whether there’s been water damage, the neighbours are noisy, or your home gets cold in winter, etc.

If you do not provide full disclosure, then you risk breaking this trust and missing the sale. Inaccurate information in a property description is false information.

Rely on official documents and not on memory, especially with figures. Never give any estimates or misstated figures.

  • Only provide figures from official documents :
    • Exact building and land dimensions: from your certificate of location.
    • Year of construction, municipal evaluation and taxes: from your municipal tax statement.
    • School tax: from your school tax statement.
    • Heating and other utilities: from your bills.
  • List all renovation
    • Keep all accepted quotes, invoices and receipts. (Remember: without a receipt or proof of payment, a quote itself is not proof that work was done).
    • If the quote does not provide a good explanation of the work done, fill in the missing details.
    • If you did the renovations yourself, keep all receipts for the materials.
    • It is a good idea to take photos before and after the renovations.
  • Take accurate room measurements. This is easier if you get someone to help you.


3. Write a sales-like, honest description

Use a positive tone that shows buyers they will be happy in your home.

Is your property around the corner from a popular bakery? Or is it near a good school? Have you done any renovations that have increased your property value? Mention all advantages and value-added features of your home.

For income properties, explain why yours is a good long-term investment.

Your description should convince buyers to visit your property. As with price, it’s best not to exaggerate or you will get a lot of disappointed buyers who will leave without making an offer. Be realistic.

Turn what seems to be a negative feature into a positive one. For example, mention how easy it is to install a storage system in an unfinished basement.

Don’t use fancy wording to show off your writing skills: short sentences that are to the point are more effective. Your goal is to sell your home – not to win a literary prize!

reading some property descriptions similar to yours. This will give you a better idea of what to write or not.

  • Look at some property listings in your area with similar characteristics and in the same price range.
  • Emphasize your property’s assets, especially anything that can’t be seen in photos.
  • Use simple, catchy phrases, but don’t exaggerate.
  • Avoid using abbreviations.
  • Get a second person to read your property listing, preferably someone who has never been to your home. This person can point out anything that isn’t clear.
  • Use a spellcheck.

Your next step : Set the asking price of your property.

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