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An open house is an opportunity to get many potential buyers to visit your home at the same time. It puts you in a strong bargaining position to negotiate a better price and terms.

Here is how to organize your open house:

  1. Advertise your open house
  2. Use the same advice as for regular visits
  3. Prepare the documentation
  4. Accompany visitors
  5. Play background music
  6. Thank each visitor for coming


1. Advertise your open house

The best time to host your open house is Sunday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Other times usually draw fewer visitors.

Make sure to advertise your open house on Eureka.House at least one week in advance. Also advertise on Facebook and other social media.

Very important: Advertise your open house on your Eureka.House sign.


2. Use the same advice as for regular visits

Whether you’re showing your home to one person or 20 people at a time, the same ground rules apply. Read our advice about the best way to organize regular property visits..


3. Prepare the documentation

Write down the name and contact information of each person who visits your home.

When visitors arrive, give them a printed copy of the listing. Print several copies in advance – you never know how many people might show up!


4. Accompany visitors

Accompany visitors as they tour your home.

There are two ways to do this: If only one or a few visitors show up at the same time, then only one person is needed to accompany visitors. However, if you receive many visitors at the same time, then it may be better to have one person for each room or group of rooms (one person for the kitchen, another for the living room, another for the bedrooms, etc.).

Ask your family or friends to help out, as needed.

As with regular visits, answer all questions, but don’t talk too much. Allow your visitors to view your place at their own pace and in their own way.


5. Play background music

Unlike regular visits, open houses usually draw several visitors at the same time. Discreet background music can create an intimate ambiance and make visitors feel more comfortable. “Sound” advice for a successful open house!


6. Thank each visitor for coming

Before visitors leave, make sure you’ve answered all their questions. Then thank them for visiting and tell them you will contact them soon.

If visitors tell you they did not like your property, don’t ask why immediately, so that other visitors don’t hear the answer. Contact them at a later time to get their feedback..

Your next step: Get feedback from visitors.

See also: Organize visits of your property..

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