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9. Prepare for the notary meeting

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In most cases, this step will go smoothly. All official documents are prepared by the notary and the sales contract is officially signed by all parties present. Nevertheless, our coaches have some advice to help you avoid any unnecessary delays:

  1. Let the buyer choose the notary
  2. Prepare all your documents
  3. Find out the mortgage cancellation fees
  4. Hand over the keys
  5. Congratulations


1. Let the buyer choose the notary

Since it is normally the buyer who pays for the notary, it is the buyer’s right to choose the notary.


2. Prepare all your documents

You must provide all relevant documents for the notary:

  • the accepted offer
  • the certificate of location
  • any relevant receipts or warrantees
  • the deed of sale you signed when you purchased your property

Ask the notary to provide you with a list of the required documents, as well as how to send them (fax, email, mail, etc.).


3. Find out the mortgage cancellation fees

If you still have a mortgage on your property, you must pay the notary to cancel it. Ask the notary for his/her fees before the meeting.


4. Hand over the keys

The notary will ensure that your file is in order before all parties sign the deed of sale. Make sure to get to the meeting on time with all your documents organized, and preferably with a smile!

Once the deed of sale is signed, the property no longer belongs to you. At the notary meeting you are required to give the buyer ─ now the new owner ─ the keys to the property, as well as the alarm codes, even if the buyer is not taking immediate possession.


5. Congratulations!

You have achieved your goal: You have just sold your property!

Update your Eureka.House property listing to show that it’s been sold. Replace your “For Sale” sign with a “Sold!” sign. Share the good news with your friends and family ─ even with your contacts on social media sites like Facebook.

The next step is the final one: Prepare for occupancy of the property you just sold

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