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How to sell without Broker?

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How to sell your property

Free to sell without paying a commission

Save thousands of dollars and sell your property faster, for the best price and without commission or complications!


How to sell my property without broker

For as little as $100 you get:

All the tools you need to sell your home

A website on which to advertise your listing

Access to a coach who will answer all your questions

Sell without agents and save

Do you think you need a real estate agent to sell your property? With the Internet and today’s technology, the answer is “probably no”.

An agent usually charges a commission of 4% to 5% (plus taxes!) on your property’s sale price, which means you’re actually paying your agent $100 an hour or more. Keep this commission for yourself!

With Eureka.House:

Use the Eureka.House method

The Eureka.House method guides you through the selling process step-by-step. At each stage, you get professional tips to learn how to sell your property faster, for the best price and without useless complications.

  1. Fully complete your property listing
  2. Determine a fair selling price
  3. Take professional-looking photos
  4. Advertise your property for sale
  5. Get buyers to visit your property
  6. Get visitor feedback
  7. Negotiate with the buyer
  8. ​Participate in the inspection and meet the conditions of sale
  9. Prepare for the meeting with the lawyer
  10. Prepare for occupancy

And our sample documents are easy to fill out, jargon-free.


Your choice: Buyers without agents only, or all potential buyers

With Eureka.House, you can choose to sell your property:

Only to buyers without agents

To all buyers, including those with agents

Buyers without agents
No brokerage contract to sign
You negotiate directly with the buyer, without a third party.
You do not pay commission.
You save the equivalent of 4% to 5% of your property’s sale price (plus taxes!).
Buyers with agents
No brokerage contract to sign
You negotiate directly with the seller and his agent.
During the signing of the deed of sale at the lawyer’s office, the lawyer give to the buyer broker 2% of the sale price, plus taxes.
You save the equivalent of 2% to 3% of your property’s sale price (plus taxes!).

Unlike other commission-free websites, Eureka.House does not automatically exclude buyers with agents. You can accept them or not. It’s your choice!

Ask a coach for advice

A coach with years of experience selling real-estate will answer all your questions.

Compare and choose freely

Most businesses avoid mentioning their competitors. At Eureka.House, we do just the opposite. We want you to compare and choose freely to find the solution that works best for you.

Compare Eureka.House with Du Proprio, Proprio Direct, Re/Max and Century 21

For example, compared with Du Proprio you can save up to $900 with Eureka.House and enjoy these exclusive advantages:

Eureka.House is THE new without-commission solution – simpler, more affordable and more enjoyable!

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