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Can i cancel or modify the contract with my real estate agent?

How a real estate agent can block the sale of a property

Sometimes, the agent’s commission is what prevents the seller and the buyer from agreeing on the price. Here’s why .

Selling your house yourself: savings of $100 an hour and much more!

Keep the commission and pay yourself a salary of $100 an hour…or even up to $500 an hour! Here are the figures .

« Do I have to pay a commission AFTER the agent’s contract ends? »

If you sign a contract with a real estate agent, you may have to pay him a commission for a sale you closed on your own, without his help six months after the end of the contract. Read the article to know why !

Can you cancel or modify the contract with your real estate broker?

In theory, yes. But in the majority of cases, the answer will be “No, not at all!” here’s what you need to know BEFORE signing a contract with a real estate agent.

Selling with a real estate agent: an often slow and frustrating process

Real estate agents are not allowed to ask questions such as “What is the maximum price the buyer is willing to accept?” The consequence: a slow and frustrating selling process.

Real estate agent on the seller’s side only: a lower price?

The belief that the price of a house will be lower if the seller has a real estate agent but not the buyer is false. Here’s why.

Real estate agents: risking conflict of interest!

When the time comes to divide the commission, some agents may be tempted to work in their own interests to the detriment of yours .

Does the real estate agent protect the buyer?

Theoretically, an agent should protect the buyer’s interests. Not always, according to the OACIQ ​(Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec).

You want to sell your house? Watch out for the dishonest tactics used by some real estate agents!

Some real estate agents use dishonest tactics to convince you to sign an agent contract. Be aware!

What do you do when the buyer is represented by an agent?

You want to sell your property with no commission in order to pocket the entire amount from the sale but a buyer represented by an agent is interested in your house? Here are your options

Who pays the 2% when the buyer is represented by an agent?

If you accept a buyer accompanied by a real estate agent, that agent will be paid 2% of the sale price plus taxes. Who pays it?

Am I obliged to accept a buyer represented by an agent?

With Eureka.House, you are free to decide whether or not to accept a buyer represented by an agent!

How to deal with the buyer’s agent

The sales process with or without a ​real estate agent is not really any different. Instead of speaking directly to the buyer, you will speak mainly to his agent.

When can you buy a house without having it inspected?

Considering the amount of money in question, buying a house without having it inspected would be careless. Here’s why .

Social media: Four tips for promoting your property for sale

Social media may be where your future buyer hears about your property for the first time. Here are four tips for success .

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