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How to sell without Broker?

How to buy from owner?

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Buying a property

4. Find and visit homes

home sweet home

This is usually the most enjoyable step.

Search Eureka.House for homes for sale based on your criteria from the previous step. Stick to your budget to see what you can afford in different areas.

Don’t forget to save your results!

When executing a search, create an alert to be notified of any new properties on the market.

Modify your needs?

It’s okay to modify your criteria. Perhaps you’d rather swap the idea of a crafts studio in order to live closer to work and cut your commute by 30 minutes a day (or three work weeks per year). Perhaps an older home that needs a little bit of work will give you more space and light.

During visits

  • Get there a few minutes early to get a look at the area and the exterior
  • Bring a copy of the listing
  • Write down any questions you may have (don’t rely on memory)
  • See all the rooms, including the garage and the attic. Don’t forget the backyard!
  • Be open-minded. Don’t like the decor? You can easily repaint and redecorate once the owner has vacated the premises.
  • Take notes, even photos (but ask permission first!).
  • Be polite and courteous – good manners make negotiations easier!

The more homes you visit, the more you will understand what’s available according to your criteria and budget. After several visits, you’ll get a better idea of what is within your budget.

When you finally find the home you want, start negotiating with the seller and perhaps, make an offer.

Next step :Negotiate with the seller.

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