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9. Take possession of your new home

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Taking possession is the moment you can occupy your new home. This can happen directly at the notary’s office during signing of the deed of sale, or a few days later.

If there is a delay between sale and occupancy

Your offer to purchase might stipulate that occupancy will not be at the same time as signing the deed of sale, but rather at a later date and time (for example, at noon 15 days after the deed is signed).

During this period, the former owner lives in a home that no longer belongs to him. The former owner is living in your new place, as if renting it from you. As a temporary landlord, you do not have the right to enter your new home before the date and time specified, unless the former owner gives you permission to do so.

Entering your new home

The moment you take possession of your new home, it belongs to you definitively. Congratulations!

Often, the former owner will leave an envelope with all pertinent documents such as user manuals and warrantees for appliances included in the sale. The former owner will also leave other items useful to the new owner, such as the remote control for the garage and keys still in his possession (notably the mailbox key).

The former owner is also responsible for transferring the property to you in the same state as you last saw it, which was before the deed of sale. If you notice anything broken or any other problem, inform the previous owner immediately.

Inclusions and exclusions

During occupancy, make sure the former owner has left everything included in the offer to purchase. If anything is missing, inform the previous owner immediately.

Sometimes the former owner will leave excluded items that he was supposed to take. There may have been a problem during the move or the former owner decided to leave them there. Again, you should contact him and find out.

Warranty against hidden defects

If you find a hidden defect – during occupancy or years later – immediately inform the previous owner and try to reach an agreement with him. For example, you could hire a contractor to fix the defect and get the former owner to pay for it.

Obviously, if you bought your home without warranty against hidden defects, the former owner is not responsible.

For more information about hidden defects, see our section on hidden defects and selling without legal warranty.

Your new home

Now you are ready to move into your new home with your furniture and belongings.

Don’t forget to transfer your utilities and services, such as your Internet connection.

Take care of your new home and enjoy living in it. If you decide to sell it one day, advertise your listing on Eureka.House.

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