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Buying a property

3. Assess your needs

home sweet home

If you manage to find the perfect home at a good price, you’d be one of the lucky few, as most buyers have to compromise. To live further from work or pay tens of thousands of dollars more to live close by? To buy a bigger house that needs more work or a smaller turn-key home?

It’s not important that a home be “perfect”. What is important is that you want a home suited to your needs, for a reasonable price and in which you will be happy.

How do you assess your needs? Make two lists of criteria:

  • Essential criteria, on which you are not willing to compromise
  • Non-essential preferences, which you can forego

Here is a list of criteria buyers usually deem very important:

  • Number of rooms
  • Garage, outdoor parking
  • Additional rooms for studio, laundry room, office, etc.
  • Storage space (shed, garage)
  • Necessary renovations done
  • Close to services: elementary school, grocery store, etc.
  • Reasonable commute to work

By assessing your needs, not only will you save a lot of time, but you will better choose which properties to visit.

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